Our product specifications

C Green product is used successfully to ensure sustainable vegetation. Moreover, it increases soil fertility by:
- Providing necessary nutrients
- Improving soil structure, texture, and aeration
- Increasing the soil's water retention abilities
- Stimulating healthy root development
- Controlling soil erosion
- Regenerating soil

Fertilization plans

A fertilization plan is a technical record, for a chosen crop, that provides information about the application of fertilizers during the season. The best fertilization plan is the one that lets the farmer apply the necessary dose for his crops and reduce the cost and environmental pollution. Request your fertilization plan after contacting us

Agricultural consultancy

If you are confused about what kind of project you want to invest in and you need advice, don't hesitate to contact C Green's team in order to provide you with the best consultancy

To see Green... Use C Green products

C Green

C Green is a combination of Cleantech and Agriculture sectors. Its specific unique method solves one of the most dangerous wastes for our environment and health: the sludge. C Green transforms this waste to 100% organic fertilizer and biodegradable pots that match with the guidelines of FAO 2010 and ISO 19698:2020. Our products can be used safely in Agriculture, Landscaping, and Reforestation.
Also, C Green can provide any other services and Consultancy for Agriculture or Waste Management.

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