About Our Company

C Green SAL is a Lebanese cleantech social enterprise founded in 2021 by Dany Romanos, Georges Jalkh, Rosabelle Chedid and Claude Abou Kheir. C Green SAL produces eco-friendly 100% local organic fertilizer and biodegradable pots by using a special process for the treatment of natural resources based on international standards. The final product will then be used in agriculture and landscaping.

Mission and Vision

Global changes are very difficult, such as climate change, the increase in the world’s population, and limited lands and resources.
Our mission is:
  • To help the environment by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers
  • To reduce the cost of fertilizer and save farmers time
  • To support farmers while taking care of their crops in a very innovative way
Our vision is to help the environment by encouraging the use of local organic fertilizers and biodegradable pots. Our mission and vision are to meet other organizations, companies, and governments in solving these challenges.

How we Started

The research and development phase started in 2016. A treatment process was successfully created in 2018. The first trials were done on wheat in the Bekaa region, where the lab tests performed on our product, focused on nutrients, moisture, odor, free from pesticides and ready to be used in agriculture. We aligned our product with international standards. Based on that, an IP was obtained. We received recommendation letters from numerous organic companies. At the end of December 2019, we finished the second and last part of the R&D phase, where we tested the nutrients in the wheat. Due to the many awards we got as a startup, we started in 2020 to search for an investor who believes in our project and our future sustainable goals. Following a partnership between USEK and Mr. Carlos Ghosn, C Green was chosen, in September 2020, along with other startups, for investment through shares.

Strategy, goals and aims

C Green announces its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, by providing organic products that can contribute to sustainability and food security. Clean environment, Climate action, New Innovations, Economic Growth and Gender Equality are the main goals that we will work on achieving.

What do We do

C Green SAL transforms natural resources into local organic fertilizer and biodegradable pots through different techniques. Our treatment process creates a local, affordable, and green product. The evaluation was based on the physicochemical parameters characterization, the metal content, the pathogenic microorganisms, and the phytotoxicity. These methods ensure that the final product is free of odor, bacteria, heavy metals, and pesticides. C Green offers solutions to the farmers for the highest productivity.

C Green SAL:

  • Produces organic fertilizer
  • Produces biodegradable pots
  • Provides agriculture consultancy

Meet Our Team

Dany Romanos


Ph.D. holder and researcher in Agricultural Engineering at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK).
He is a holder of a:
1- BA degree in Agriculture Engineering at USEK
2- Master’s in Oenology at USEK Danny has been an agricultural engineer since 2001
He also has an expert in landscape and nurseries (since 2003), mushroom growing and composting (since 2005), organic farming (since 2010), and soil & fertilizers in agricultural practices. He was a co-founder for a mushroom farm in Lebanon and has been responsible for many projects in the MENA zone and Gulf region.

Rosabelle Chedid


Ph.D. holder and researcher in Life and Earth Sciences from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK).
She is the holder of a:
1- BS degree in Medical Lab Sciences from the Lebanese University
2- Master’s in Genetics from USEK
She has experience as a medical laboratory technologist (2006-2014), a Learning and Development Specialist (since 2009), a Trainer of Trainers (since 2009), a Training Regional Coordinator (2015-2018), and as an organizational development researcher (since 2018). Moreover, she is a Clinical Assistant Professor and Research Operations Coordinator.

Georges Jalkh


Ph.D holder and researcher in Business Management from IAE DIJON, School of Management (University of Burgundy), France.
He is a holder of a:
1- Maîtrise in Marketing (USJ)
2- DEA in Finance (USJ)
He has been an instructor at USEK since 2008, and the owner of Globe-Trotter SARL for travel tourism since 1996. He has participated in several strategic committees and consultancy projects.

Claude Abou Kheir


Graduated from Antonine University.

She is a board member who has been following the creation and launch of the business from its founding date.

She has been the chief human resources officer (CHRO) of many companies/organizations since 2006.

She oversees all aspects of human resource management and industrial relations policies, job design, practices, and operations for organizations.

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